SPI Armor


+4 Armor bonus, +0 Dex bonus. (Dex bonus increases by +1 for each 2 HD)

Heroic Surge (Ex)- Once per day, as a full-round action, the wearer of the SPI armor can heal 3d8+(HD/2) hit points immediately. This ability can also be used as an immediate action after hit points have been reduced to negative numbers. (0 and back). We explain this as inspiration and the SPARTAN III knack of never failing to accomplish objectives. And for the incredible risk to SPARTAN IIIs.

+ 4 enhancement bonus to Hide checks, doesn’t work in areas of bright illumination.

-10 penalty to Hide checks when in line-of-sight of explosions, flash bang grenades, and plasma grenades. Takes one full minute to use cloaking device again

Cloaking Device (Ex)- As a standard action, The wearer of the armor can use photo-reactive panels to completely cloak the wearer and equipment. The wearer cannot move, but gains a +10 bonus on a Hide check that round. This stacks with the +4 enhancement bonus.

Only wearable by augmented individuals. Only SPARTANs need apply.

SPI Armor

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