So, Lou’s Campaign will begin here. As far as I, Dave, know, The campaign will be a cross between the universes of Halo and Mass Effect. I have played through the Halo 3 story mode, the Halo 2 multiplayer, and the free PC demo of Halo 1. I have absolutely no knowledge of Mass Effect, so I’ll be relying on outside sources for all that knowledge. (All hail Wikipedia).

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A bit more…

The campaign will cover about ten years in the war against the covenant. Before you fools ask, there will be no SPARTAN II playable characters. Really, Master Chief is freaking overkill. One SPARTAN would unbalance the game, and make the other characters feel sad. So, Lou figured out a decent alternative.


Lou briefed me on the details, but I may get them botched. As I understand, the SPARTAN III program branched out of the original two programs, but SPARTAN IIIs were mass produced. Given augmentations similar, but less drastic, to those given to the SPARTAN IIs, the IIIs were used mainly as special operatives in suicide missions. Instead of a shield, their armor was equipped with a cloaking device. Most of the time, very few operatives lived past their missions. Those who survived trained the next batch of mass-produced super-soldiers. You guys will be SPARTAN IIIs. more to come. (Actually you can be ODST if you want, but ODST’s are not nearly as cool)

Augmentation Procedures: Each SPARTAN III, like the SPARTAN IIs, is specially augmented to become superhuman. The augmentation usually allows for greater strength, speed, reflexes, and intelligence. SPARTAN IIIs usually undergo less drastic augmentation procedures, but their augmentations have a higher record of success.

List of Augmentation Procedures

The SPARTAN III and ODST armor

List of Covenant/Brute Weapons/Mass Effect Weapons

List of Vehicles and Starships

The Story So Far…


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