Here we go:

Augmentation Procedures

Carbide Ceramic Ossification

skeletal grafts, increase in bone mass and density

Benefit: DR1 +2 Con

Upgrade: DR5

Muscular Enhancement Injections

Protien Complex injected subcutaneously. Increase in muscle mass and lactase recovery.

Benefit: +2 to Fortitude saves, +2 Str

Upgrade: Double natural healing rate.

Catalytic Thyroid Implant

Human growth catalyst implanted into thyroid gland

Benefit: wield large weapons without penalty, +2 Str and Con.

Upgrade: become Large sized

Occipital Capillary Reversal

increased blood vessels and occipital nerve endings in eye, increase vision.

Benefit: Cannot be flanked, Low-light vision. +2 to Wisdom

Upgrade: Blindsight, 2x distance

Superconducting Fibrification of Neural Dendrites.

Bioelectrical modification of nerve signals, increased reflexes and intelligence as well as nerves.

Benefit: Gain benefit of evasion feat, Gain +2 to any Mental Stat (Wis, Cha, Int)

Upgrade: Gain Improved Evasion, +2 to Reflex saves, -2 to Will saves

At 10 HD, Latent upgrade occurs, bonuses to stats increase to +4.


Campaign 1 DAC